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Fraud Awareness

Cheap Loans: Fraud Awareness

Note: No one from Cheap Loans or any financial partner will ever contact you and request you to send money or ask you to buy any products prior to receiving your loan.

Here at Cheap Loans we will do everything to help protect you against fraud. We want all of our applicants to feel safe and secure whilst browsing our website and applying for a short term loan.

We take the security of our customers very seriously and want to make sure that everyone is protected whilst using our services.

Fraud can sometimes be hard to identify. Some fraudsters will even take advantage of genuine companies and pose as them. These fraudsters will then make cold calls to their victims promising loans that don't really exist. The fraudsters will then invite the victim to part with their cash or encourage them to use voucher schemes like UKASH VOUCHERS and promising that a loan will certainly follow. We have also been made aware of companies calling and stating they are from Cheap Loans. They will then ask the victim to call another number to process the loan. When the victim calls the number they are kept on the line for around 15 minutes and then told they will be called back. The victim is charged for the duration of the call at around £2.50- £3.00 per minute. They are never called back and there is no loan. Please note no one from Cheap Loans will ever call you to offer a loan. If you are called and asked to call another number please ask them to call you back. If you do not receive a call they are probably not a genuine company. Please be well aware that these types of calls are scams.

If you think you've been a victim of fraud, please see our important steps below to get help on this matter.

Stop sending money!

If you think you're a victim of fraud, you should stop sending money and notify your bank straight away.

Report it immediately

If you think you are or have report it using the helpful links below;
Action Fraud
Money Helper on scams
Citizens Advice - Scams
Victim Support

Further Support

Contact the financial conduct authority for more information: 
Telephone: 0800 111 6768